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Unique, online mobile number - Each and every premium member is entitled to their very own unique online mobile number. Choose from literally thousands of available numbers after account activation.

Bulk SMS - At the heart of a SMS marketing campaign is the ability to send SMS messages in bulk to your subscribers. Send to a group or groups at once.

Bulk SMS Delivery Stats - View detailed stats like # of successful messages, # of failed messages and allow the user to delete any subscribers from the list that have failed to receive messages.

Bulk SMS Scheduling - Scheduling out messages in intervals is a great way to ensure your customers won’t forget about you. Our script allows you to have full control of when SMS messages get sent out.

Appointment Reminders - Schedule and send appointment reminders to your customers ensuring they won’t forget about an appointment they made.

Contact management - Very simple to use contact management system that contains your contacts/subscribers and comes with a bulk import option via a .csv file upload. Also segment your contacts into groups.

Keyword Marketing - The ability for users to engage in keyword marketing. Mobile keywords are an element of mobile marketing campaigns to appeal to a certain target market. You get access to unlimited keywords!

AutoResponders - After a person joins your subscriber list or votes in a poll you send them, automatically send them a custom message back. You can also setup the autoresponders to automatically send SMS back to the subscribers after they subscribe on a preset schedule much like email autoresponders work.

Polling/Text-to-Vote - Create text-to-vote polls to keep your subscribers engaged and interested in what you have to offer as well as collect valuable information.

SMS Contests - Create SMS contests as a way to engage and reward your customers. An invaluable tool for keeping your customers happy.

Mobile Splash Page Builder - Perfect for users that want to create their own pages with video, images, or any HTML and then send those page URLs out to their subscriber list to view.

Web Opt-In Widgets - Allow potential customers to join a SMS marketing list through a web based form that is placed on a website. This provides yet another cost-effective avenue to reach and attract new consumers.

QR Codes - Generate QR codes as a way to bridge your offline marketing campaign to the online medium. Our software comes equipped with new subscriber and web page URL QR codes.

Campaign Analytics - Track your campaigns to take a deeper look into which keywords are performing the best, detailed SMS logs and new subscribers and unsubscribers.

Email Alerts - Get new subscriber email alerts as they happen or in a daily summary. Also get low credit balance email alerts so you’ll always be aware of when to replenish your credits.

Helpdesk - A powerful integrated helpdesk system to better track and manage customer support tickets.

Message Templates - Save common or often used SMS messages so that you will not have to re-enter the same message repeatedly. Simply select which template to use and have it populate the message for you.

Receive voicemail messages, audio and text format - Every online number is voicemail enabled. List this number where ever you wish and listen or read your voicemail directly from your account.

User activation module - The Ultra SMS Script features a custom developed, completely automated premium activation module, meaning all users must first pay a fee to be eligible to use your services, however it’s completely customizable and if required, removable.

Affiliate Scheme - Comes complete with a fully functional affiliate system meaning members can earn money by referring new members – Free traffic!

PayPal and 2Checkout Payment Gateways - Our software integrates both PayPal and 2Checkout payment gateways. Have the ability to activate either one or both within the script.

Pay-As-You-Go And Monthly Subscription Plans - Our software allows for the flexibility to create ‘pay-as-you-go’ or add-on credit packages as well as monthly subscription packages.

Multi-Currency Support - Receive payment in 1 of 17 currencies. British Pound, Euro, Canadian Dollar, Australian Dollar, Japanese Yen and More!

Built-in API system - Our easy to use API makes it easy for developers and webmasters to send text messages directly from their website or blog.

Bulk MMS/MMS Galleries - We have added MMS capability! MMS brings the best of email and urgency of SMS to your customer communications. Paint the whole picture with rich media on every mobile phone, with near-100% open rates and fast response times.

Voice Broadcasting - Broadcast a voice message out to your contacts! Either type in a message and the system will convert the text into voice, or upload your own message via a MP3 file. Another great way to communicate and keep your contacts engaged in your offerings.

Facebook Sharing - We have now added the ability to share your message to your Facebook page! Spread the word and increase participation among your fans giving you the ability to grow your subscribers by sharing your messages on your Facebook account.

Nexmo SMS Gateway - We have added the Nexmo SMS gateway! Now you have the choice straight from the admin panel to choose from either Twilio or Nexmo as your SMS gateway.

Birthday SMS Wishes - Easily collect your contacts’ birthdays when they subscribe to your list. Then, on their birthday or even a certain amount of days before, our system will automatically send them your birthday text message.

Link Shortener and Tracking - You have the option to shorten your links so they don’t take up as many characters in your text messages and also track how many clicks were made for a given link to see how effective your message was. A very helpful little tool!

Broadcast from Phone - On the run? No problem at all! You’ll have the ability to blast out your SMS marketing campaigns with a simple text message! No need to login to your account to manage this process. Talk about fast and convenient!

SMS to Email/Email to SMS - Ability to get email notices when someone texts in something to your online number(SMS to Email). You can then respond directly to that email from your email client, the system will take that email, turn it around, and text them back(Email to SMS). A great and very useful tool!

Name and Email Capture - Have the option to collect the name and email from a new subscriber joining your opt-in list! Collect names to personalize your SMS messages and emails if you want to promote to them with your email marketing campaigns.